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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a detailed process of enhancing a site’s visibility to deservedly highly rated browsers, such as Google. The more visible a site is, the more the number of internet users that get to see it as they surf online.

SEO professionals implement on-page and off-page strategies to improve your site’s visibility to visitors.

On-page SEO [ Search Engine Optimization]

This SEO type involves optimizing web content, including images, to attract more internet users to a particular site. The purpose of this form of optimization is to enhance the user-friendliness of a site to make it search-engine friendly.

For instance, it can include reviewing the content to remove silly grammatical errors like spelling mistakes.

Examples of on-page SEO methods include:

1) Add headlines

Freelancers should add concise headlines (preferably H1) to each article before the web owner re-publishes it on their blog. Further, they should format all the subheadings to H2 to enhance readability to appease search engines.

2) Keywords

SEO specialists can help in professional research to suggest searchable keywords to boost a site’s ranking by popular search engines. Content writers must use these keywords when freelancing to create good quality blogs that attract Google, Baidu, and Bing.

3) Meta description

SEO analysts advise website owners to add a comprehensive summary of each webpage to improve the site’s visibility. Search engines scan through meta descriptions of different sites before displaying results to an internet user.

Therefore, Google is friendlier to such web pages, resulting in higher SEO ranking. As a result, such web owners make more money, as more potential customers can access your platform.

4) Image optimization

This method involves formatting the dimension and resolution of images so that they’re accessible with any device. Further, it usually involves adding a label to each for a search engine to comprehend the context before reacting to a search query.

5) Perma-link optimization

Web designers create permanent links that represent primary site sections, such as the domain name and Contact Us webpage. An SEO professional will optimize such links to ensure they’re brief, memorable, and easy to load.

For example, they will remove unnecessary prepositions, constants, and connectors, as search engines usually ignore them. Similarly, they can add crucial keywords in a particular permanent link to make your webpage search engine-friendly.

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Off-page SEO

Unlike on-page SEO, this involves optimizing all external aspects of a website to boost its SEO ranking.

Some of the top SEO techniques to consider in 2024 include:

I) Add backlinks

SEO specialists can build links at other websites to ensure they direct more traffic to their client’s website. These professionals can create such links through digital marketing or influencer advertising.

Surprisingly, a web owner can convert referral traffic to loyal customers by publishing optimized product images and a comprehensive description.

ii) Resolving broken links

These professionals can check all the links on the client’s website to confirm whether they re-direct successfully. A simple method, such as rectifying a URL’s misspelling mistake can fix this problem for good.

In other cases, the SEO consultant may have to remove a link and re-create a new one.

iii) Multiple Search engine submission

Ambitious website owners should submit their domains to various engines such as Yahoo and Google. Therefore, the sites get better SEO rankings, particularly for relevant keywords, resulting in better traffic per minute.

Further, the owners should update the content well before re-submitting it to target search engines to attract a better index.

iv) Guest content marketing

Serious businesspeople work closely with third-party website owners to add links to their websites. Please ensure you contact a web owner who publishes similar content to attract appropriate internet users.

This strategy helps to expose brands to new customers, resulting in improved sales.

v) Citation

Website owners should create a persuasive profile with reliable software or websites: My Business and G2. Further, ensure you create brand-related videos, About Us, and well-optimized images to hook referrals.


Technically, the quick adoption of various Search Engine Optimization techniques has helped multiple world-class organizations make more money as they earn customers’ trust. Further, it has enabled brand owners to cut advertising costs, as image optimization and other techniques aren’t too expensive. Therefore, leverage on-page and off-page optimization tactics to promote your business to double your monthly sales.