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Many people no longer have time to visit a store to purchase groceries, clothes, or shoes. Therefore, companies are investing in designing good eCommerce websites to leverage potential online buyers. Our main responsibility is to help you convert internet users to habitual buyers. Therefore, you can request multiple online store optimization services to achieve your business goals.

eCommerce Optimization Services

We offer the following services to optimize your ecommerce platform to triple your current customers.

  • Add a product review section.

We have certified website developers who can add this category to persuade clients to consider your merchandise. This section must feature a rating functionality and a textbox for previous customers to add some reviews.

  • Product photo updates

We help our clients update their landing pages to enhance your product’s visual appeal to online users. These optimization services help to boost traffic and minimize the bounce rate, triggering an increase in sales.

  • Page Load Speed Optimization

Online users gravitate towards websites with the shortest loading time, especially if they wish to purchase several items. Therefore, our web developers minify JS and CSS scripts and optimize product images to shorten your e-commerce website’s loading time.

  • Keyword research services

We encourage content writers to use relevant keywords when creating a product description to woo SEO engines like Google. Therefore, our team conducts extensive research to identify the keywords for optimizing the website.

  • E-commerce updating services

A good e-commerce website should have a modern design with current trends and functionalities. We will add short product videos, check-out functionality, and a smartphone-friendly design.

  • E-commerce PPC Marketing

We have digital marketers that can help you remain the most preferred e-commerce store despite the increasing competition. These services will help to generate more traffic to your online store, increasing your monthly sales.

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  • Tracking tools integration

E-commerce managers should constantly fathom their clients’ behavior whenever they visit their platforms. For this reason, we integrate the most popular analytic tools, including Hotjar, to help you determine your store’s performance over time.

  • Upsell services

We trigger the generation of related products to encourage a buyer to purchase another item on your online store. Buyers can click on such a product before they check out to get all related goods to enhance their sales.

  • Checkout optimization services

We ensure your final purchase process is as simple as possible for the customer to pay for the product and get a confirmation message. For example, we add reliable and secure online payment methods to help you confirm your order.